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An independent architecture firm based just outside of Prague, Czech Republic.

IR. SASKIA FOKKEMA is an award-winning Dutch architect, who has built in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and France. She specializes in residential and mixed use projects. Her designs incorporate her love for natural materials, sunlight, and sightlines.

Saskia is passionate about constructing the new. But she also firmly believes in reconstructing the old. Both make up the fabric of a city and both are needed to construct the future. As an architect, she is confronted with the plight of nature - there is nature, and there are cities. So many buildings in the city stand empty, and something should be done with them. Rather than claiming more of nature, Saskia sees the need to recycle a city's existing buildings, utilizing their original qualities while upgrading them to a modern standard of functionality and aesthetics, and while densifying the city. Indeed, sustainable cities are to be achieved with this long term view and appreciation for a nature/city balance in mind.

Due to health reasons, Saskia is retired, but you can reach out if you have any questions.

Terronska x De Gaulle

Atelier SF Design is based near Prague, in the Czech republic.

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