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The developable plot is located between the suburbs and a forest. The challenge is to find a form that validates and expresses contemporary demands for living. To do this, this MVRDV-helmed project proposes to continue the forest. It does this by making the houses low. The site is lifted, and trees are planted on top, raising the existing grounds by 3.5 meters. As a result, everyone has a view - a lifted forest comes alive.

The currently planned streets will be continued around the plots, so that everyone has easy access everywhere. In between the streets, the site is further networked with smaller alleys. The walls around the plots are constructed of natural stones, guaranteeing privacy. Within the walls, each plot can be made according to the buyers' ideal size, shape, and format. These varying plots can accommodate different house concepts, which can be made in different colours and of different materials.

The patios can be planted in the same spirit as the house - meeting the wishes of the clients. Roofs are planted with trees and grasses, mirroring the surrounding forest to create a 'lifted forest'. Each house benefits from one or two spaces that rise above this canopy, with a view over the gardens, the forest, and the city of Prague. These higher spaces, or pavilions, will be made of the same natural stones as the walls around each plot, giving the project coherence.

The result is a fantastic potential collection of possible houses in lines with certain general values: green streets, low heights that give everyone a view, the theme of natural stone, and finally the lifted forest. Indeed, the houses form the base for this continued forest. All together, this project forms the new Baba.



Saskia Fokkema (local architect)

Location: Na Pomezí, Prague 5, Czech Republic

Date: 2016

Status: Unbuilt.

Surface: 24900 m²

Units: 42 (10 family houses, 30 row houses, and 2 low-rise apartments)

Client: KKCG

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