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In early 2010, the Russian President Dmitri Medvedev announced the creation of a vast technology innovation
center in the suburbs to the south of Moscow. The intention is that this center should be able to rival California’s Silicon Valley. A competition for three types of family homes surrounding the Skolkovo Innovation Center was launched. The challenge consisted of housing a new scientific community in a brand new campus in the outskirts of Moscow. The aim was to imbue the place with its own character, its own genius loci.

The circular distribution structure of the masterplan sets up the campus to be like a series of islands floating freely within a sea of parks, woods, and forests. Its residents are scientists who are inventing the technology of tomorrow, and who, together, form a cosmopolitan and diverse community.

A snow ring around the circles of land allows the community to benefit from winter sports, like skating or skiing. In the summer, this ring can function like a retaining water basin.

In 2011, AAAB won the competition to construct one of the three types of housing - the family villas.


Agence d'Architecture Anthony Béchu (AAAB)

> Project managers: Pablo Lorenzino and Saskia Fokkema

Location: Moscow, Russia

Dates: 2010 - 2013 (for Saskia Fokkema)

Status: Built (2015)

Surface: 17000 m²

Client: OOO Odas “Skolkovo”

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