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The Terronska-De Gaulle apartment complex comprises of 21 apartments in two urban villas built on top of a shared underground parking garage. A stairwell and a lift connect both buildings with the basement and the parking garage.

Located in the grand and stately urban texture of Prague 6, the apartment complex is situated more precisely at the transition from this area's closed blocks of buildings, to its diplomatic villa district. Thus, the volumes have been designed to create a transitional area, fitting in rhythmically and formally with both the urban residential blocks and the chic villas located in the greener part of this area. Each block has been visually uncoupled into the form of a T-shape The transparent steel and glass stairwells are positioned at the point where the long and the short sides of this T-shape meet, giving the whole apartment complex the appearance of being composed of four smaller volumes, rather than two larger ones.

The materials were chosen with the complex's integration into the district's structure in mind. The volumes on the streets' side are faced with the grey-green Czech Silesia sandstone of an irregular texture, which gives the building an elegant look and fits in the surrounding greenery. The buildings' rear facades are primarily of glass, giving residents an unobstructed view of the complex's landscaped garden.

In designing the interiors of the eight types of apartment, the main objective was to create a pleasant, spacious, and light environment. Functional floor plans maximize the sense of space; large windows and glass facades let in the maximum amount of sunlight. The layout is flexible thanks to sliding partitions, allowing tenants to adapt the space to their requirements. Similarly, the amount of light entering through the large windows can be regulated with wooden panels.

2002 ING promotional video directed by Marie Sandova:



















Saskia Fokkema

AED (engineers)


The 'De Gaulle Complex' received international praise at the 2002 MIPIM conference (the international real estate fair held yearly in Cannes). Its innovative plans and use of materials earned it a nomination in the category of 'best residential development'. In the public vote, SF Design was runner-up. However, the jury awarded SF Design with the first prize.

Location: Terronska 1095-22, Bubenec, Prague 6, Czech Republic

Date: 1996 - 2001

Status: Built

Surface: Residential: 3330 m², Parking: 1150 m² (34 spaces).

Client: ING Real Estate Central East Europe

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