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Rue des Ardennes is a social housing project of 15 units that fits into an increasingly growing understanding of the notion of 'the city'. As an architectural and urban planning enterprise, the project reflects the ambition to act more responsibly towards the city. It strives to make the city more lasting, more vibrant, and more beautiful, whilst keeping in mind the needs of its inhabitants - amenities, services, and, of course, housing.

'Rue des Ardennes' is one of the first projects in Paris that consists of building a block inside an existing couryard. By inserting the block of flats into the inner courtyard of an existing housing complex of 52 apartments, this project densifies the residential area. Due to the small size of the entrance gate between the street and the courtyard, a special crane had to be used to bring building elements to the construction site. 

The structure of the building consists of pre-fabricated load-bearing panels made of wood, which were assembled inside the courtyard in a way that reduced noise pollution and the accumulation of mess, thus contributing to a resident-friendly construction approach, for which the project received an award ('Cadre de Vie').


Saskia Fokkema (competition, study, and execution)

Aimeriac Audebeau (execution)



BBCA 2016 'Batiment Bas Carbone' (Low Carbon Building) Prize - given for taking into account societal implications by reducing the building's carbon print over the course of its life-cycle (by installing solar panels, by building on land that already covered a parking garage, and by using wooden materials that trap carbon, and that originate from French and European forests) - won


Fimbacte 2016 'Cadre de vie' (Living Space) Silver Trophy - given for overall approach, from the use of building materials and pre-fabricated panels that facilitate a quick and short construction period, to the approachable communication methods used to insure that the residents would be inconvenienced by the construction phase as little as possible - won

Location: Rue des Ardennes, Paris 19, France


Competition: 2009

Construction: 2015 - 2016

Status: Built

Surface: 999m²

Units: 15

Client: OGIF

Contractor: Brezillon

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