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Île Seguin-Rives de Seine is a new development area on the river Seine located in Boulogne-Billancourt on the south-western edge of Paris. The new development aims to create a new Parisian district with residences, offices, retail, amenities and public spaces alongside internationally acclaimed cultural and academic facilities.

Mecanoo was tasked with designing a 1.5 hectare plot, triangular in shape, forming part of the overall master plan. Mecanoo’s vision for the plot unified the required program into one building mass with a strong visual identity.

Three courtyards, acting as oases in the city, would create areas to relax whilst also establishing transition areas between public space and private residences.

To define the building volume, urban height rules were respected but creatively interpreted. The different heights of the interior and exterior blocks including the sculptural roof are integrated into a uniform volume.

The sculptural roof not only plays a role in the aesthetic identity of the edifice but it also provides the opportunity to create areas of special quality, such as rooftop terraces and apartments with ceilings of atypical form.

The building is well established into its immediate context, adding a unique and considered design. The approach is Franco-centric imbued with Dutch pragmatism – an encounter between Haussmann and Mondrian. (Mecanoo Architects)


Mecanoo Architects

Saskia Fokkema (local architect)

RFR (study)

Agence Franck Bouttéconsultants HQE (study)

Location: Île Seguin-Rives de Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt, Grand Paris, France.

Competition date: 2012-2013

Status: Unbuilt.

Surface: 5350 m²

Units: 65 social housing units and related parking.

Client: Hauts-de-Seine Habitat, OPH

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