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Ir. Saskia Fokkema founded SF Design s.r.o. in Prague in 1997 with the aim of developing projects as an independent architect. Since then, she has designed buildings for residential, mixed, educational, and cultural use, in the Czech Republic and in France.


In 2015, Paul Koch joined the company as Head of Acquisition & Adviser in feasibility of architecture and urbanism. More information about his work can be found on


Design Mission Statement

Whether the project is large or small, Saskia still loves beginning her designs in the traditional way - with hand-drawn sketches on transparent paper. Her buildings reflect her passion for natural materials, sunlight, and elegant details. Whether seen from afar, from up close, or from any step in between, her designs deliver an aesthetic experience. She is especially interested in creating eco-friendly buildings that integrate well into their immediate urban or rural surroundings. As if they have always been there. Possessing their own genius loci. In her design concepts, the new built and the old built exist in a balance rather than clashing with one another - in this way, rather than being torn apart, the city retains its liveable fabric.


Over the course of her career, she has developed an expert eye for urban planning, project feasibility and sustainability, as well as neighbourhood-friendly construction methods. She thinks of her buildings as having a domino effect on their surroundings - a new building should improve the wider area in which it is built overall. Instead of claiming more of nature to build on, she believes that today's architecture should refocus on recycling a city's empty buildings, on giving them a new life. On making 'something' out of 'nothing'. She endeavours to contribute to society with contemporary, eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful constructions and reconstructions.



TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) - BSc & MSc in Architecture and Urbanism (1989).

Title: Ir (Ingenieur).

Work Experience

Whilst working on independent projects, Saskia has also intermittently designed for large architecture firms, joining the teams of renowned architects, such as Jean Nouvel (Atelier Jean Nouvel), Francine Houben (Mecanoo), and Anthony Bechu (AAAB) for specific projects and competitions.

Before founding SF Design, Saskia worked for many years for Atelier PRO in the Hague, and for Mecanoo Architects in Delft, the Netherlands.


Saskia has taught at the Sorbonne (Masters in Urbanism), at the TU Delft (Architecture), and at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (Architecture and Urbanism).


Member of the Czech Chamber of Architects (Česká komora architektů), of the Dutch Register of Architects (Architectenregister), and of the French Order of Architects (Ordre des Architectes, 2006 - 2016).


Project: Terronska-De Gaulle | MIPIM 2002 'Best Residential Development' Award.

1st place in jury vote. 2nd place in public vote.

Project: Halouny Villa | Springer Media CZ, s.r.o. & 'Muj Dum' magazine 2003 'Buildings according to individual projects' Award - won

Project: Rue des Ardennes | BBCA 2016 'Batiment Bas Carbone' (Low Carbon Building) Prize - given for taking into account societal implications by reducing the building's carbon print over the course of its life-cycle. - won

Project: Rue des Ardennes | Fimbacte 2016 'Cadre de vie' (Living Space) Silver Trophy - given for overall approach, from design to construction - won


ING Real Estate, OGIF (Omnium de Gestion Immobiliere de l'Île de France S.A.), Ville de Vaulx-en-Velin, Pavel Satorie, Olga Haindl.

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